Dir. Colin Minihan
Prods. Shawn Angelski, Martin Fisher
An Abduction Films / Manis Film / Pink Buffalo Films / Twin Engine Films / Vicarious Entertainment co-production.

Music Supervisor: Sean Mulligan

Synopsis: Extraterrestrial is the third feature film from writer/directorial team The Vicious Brothers (Grave Encounters I & II) and chronicles a weekend getaway by five college friends that goes horribly awry once aliens invade.

Starring: Brittany Allen (The Rocker), Freddie Stroma (Harry Potter), Jesse Moss (Tucker & Dale vs. Evil), Anja Savcic (I Love You, Beth Cooper), Melanie Papalia (Smiley), Michael Ironside (Total Recall, The Machinist, Terminator Salvation) and Gil Bellows (The Shawshank Redemption, The Practice).

Composer: Blitz//Berlin

Release: November 21st, 2014 (US), October 29th, 2014 (UK), on iTunes and VOD October 17th, 2014.